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To buy gear, please visit us in-store during regular hours, only rentals are processed online

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1. Select Dates to Get & Return Gear

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2. Add Gear

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Customize Gear (once in the Cart)

3. Customize Gear (once in the Cart)

  • Gear is pretty standard (not like a haircut!)
  • We have option menus where it makes sense, like clothes)
  • If you do have specific needs...
    • Write in the yellow Trip Notes box (help us pick out gear, e.g., if you're going somewhere freezing)
    • Write in the optional specifications box for each item (like technical specifications)

Find Gear

To buy gear, please visit us in-store during regular hours, only rentals are processed online

Camping & backpacking
Select a category above to see items for rent

Select a package or order a-la-carte from the catalog (scroll further down)

Selecting a package is the same as ordering a-la-carte based on our suggestions!

2 person car camping package

Everything you need for a relaxing weekend outdoors or a raging music festival!

4 person car camping package

Same content as the 2 person car camping package but sized for groups. The more the merrier!

2 person backpacking package

Everything you need to seek solitude, scenery, and serendipity out in the wilderness!

1 person apparel package

All the apparel you need to plow through the snow and conquer the mountain!

Get 2-person tent

2-person tent

suggested $
Get 4-person tent

4-person tent

suggested $
Get 6-person tent

6-person tent

suggested $
Get Tent guylines

Tent guylines

suggested $
Get Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag

suggested $
Get Sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag liner

suggested $
Get Sleeping pad

Sleeping pad

suggested $
Get Backpack


suggested $
Get Backpack cover

Backpack cover

suggested $
Get Bear canister

Bear canister

suggested $
Get Headlamp


suggested $
Get Water bag

Water bag

suggested $
Get Water purifier

Water purifier

suggested $
Get Pocket stove

Pocket stove

suggested $
Get Pocket stove propane

Pocket stove propane

Get Portable stove

Portable stove

suggested $
Get Portable stove propane

Portable stove propane

Get Pots and pans

Pots and pans

suggested $
Get Portable chair

Portable chair

suggested $
Get Portable table

Portable table

suggested $
Get Cooler


suggested $
Get Shade structure

Shade structure

suggested $
Get Dry bag

Dry bag

suggested $
Get Sunscreen (rent)

Sunscreen (rent)

Get Bug repellant (rent)

Bug repellant (rent)

Get Tent repair kit

Tent repair kit

Get Extra tarp

Extra tarp

suggested $
Get Extra tent stakes

Extra tent stakes

suggested $
Get Air mattress

Air mattress

suggested $
Get Snow jacket

Snow jacket

suggested $
Get Snow pants

Snow pants

suggested $
Get Goggles


suggested $
Get Mittens or gloves

Mittens or gloves

suggested $
Get Helmet


suggested $
Get Balaclava or facemask

Balaclava or facemask

suggested $
Get Snowshoes


suggested $

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If you are a developer (Ruby on Rails, jQuery), designer (web, graphic, interiors), UX researcher, architect, lawyer, management consultant, or photographer, you may be able to get gear free for the next year (including a refund on this order) if you help us with a project! Email [email protected] to learn more.

Have another awesome skill not listed above? Feel free to reach out anyway. Please note, due to legal reasons, we have a limited number of services we can accept

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