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How It Works

1. Order Online or In-Store

  • Get access 24/7/365 after regular "human" hours (via our smartphone door-key & locker system with pre-picked gear)
  • Reserve for busy dates (July 4th)
  • Currently only renting is online (to buy, come in-store)

Regular "human" hours:

  • M, Tu, Th :: 5pm-8pm, except Dec 25, 2017 closed
  • W :: Closed
  • F :: 4pm-8pm
  • Sa, Su :: 12pm-7pm
  • For after-hours, order online (available immediately or in 1 hour at-most)
  • Get expert advice
  • Try-on, test-out, & pick-out what you need

2. Pick-up or Get Delivery 24/7/365

  • We can deliver gear to & collect gear from you
  • Get a price quote in the online order process (start)




Finding gear that will fit/work over time

(average ~4 hours to research, shop, compare)

Getting exactly what you need for now

(average ~10 min, no risk of being stuck with it)

Spending more or settling

(e.g., buy both a 0 and 30 degree sleeping bag, or settle for a 15 degree?)

Spending less on the exact use

(average savings ~$140 per trip from the diversity of gear we offer)

Maintaining your own gear

(~1 closet to store gear properly, and hours to dry it, stitch it, etc.)

Letting someone else deal with it

(while you can take a nap and enjoy the rest of your after-trip glow)

Owning it

(and sharing with trustworthy friends)

Sharing it

(living with less clutter & being green)

Will you use gear often enough to buy? Use our calculator to see for yourself!

Calculate savings from renting camping & backpacking gear!

2 = average (LMG user study)


  • Is it hard to coordinate friends' schedules?
  • Is it hard to take time-off?
  • Will you go on trips in different seasons that need different gear entirely?

3 = average (2014 industry report)


  • Do you move often?
  • Is it easy to lose gear, or have friends borrow it forever, or damage it?
  • Might your body change in a way that requires different gear?

Savings = cost of buying per trip - cost of renting per trip. Cost of renting per trip = simply our suggested rental prices for one. Cost of buying per trip =

  • The value of basic gear necessities / total number of trips (trips per year * number of years) + time cost (1 average hours to prep, clean, repair gear per trip * $25/hour SF living wage)
  • The value of basic gear necessities LMG provides across seasons = $1200 for camping & backpacking (includes $150 for a roomy car-camping tent, $300 for a lightweight backpacking tent, $150 each for warm & cold-weather sleeping bags, $100 for a sleeping pad, $200 for a backpack, etc.), and = $700 for snowsports (includes $250 for a jacket, $150 for pants, $100 each for helmet, gloves, etc.). While you can get a basic gear package cheaply, folks have told us about cheap gear breaking on first use!

Rental sleeping bags, sleeping pads, portable chairs, headlamps

Sara + friends


Rental sleeping bags, sleeping pads, portable chairs

Farrah + Monty


Rental jacket, pants, goggles

Nathan + Jerrod


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Expert Advice

We provide personalized guidance just for you. Just ask, or check out some general protips below!

The 5 Commandments of Staying Warm

Getting to Tahoe without a car

What gear do you really need for snowsports?

In-Store Events

Doing What We Can With What We Have

December 2, 2017 4-7pm, FREE

In collaboration with the Mission Arts & Performance Projects, join us for an evening of art & music, featuring the works of Los Pobres Artistas (see below, on display through February), and Twin Walls Mural Company (on permanent display), as well as local bands with live performances).

Los Pobres Artistas Showcase

On display through February 2018

Los Pobres Artistas are a group of Chilean muralists living and working in the Bay Area. Their work is reovlutionary and community oriented. They strive to break down borders and unite people and communities through art. Their murals draw upon collective memory and aim to find a balance between ancestry and respect for the surrounding community.

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